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Hydel Power Project

157.3 MW Madian Hydel Power Project is located in KPK Province on River Swat and is 60KMs upstream from Mingora. A run of the river project to be developed in private sector in IPP mode on the Built-On-Operate-Transfer(BOOT) basis. The bankable feasibility has been conducted by M/S Fichtner GMBH and Pakistan Engineering Services and is approved by the competent authority. The term of the project is 30 Years. Hydro Tech carried out primitive review of the feasibility study on ground and has communicated that the project is technically and economically feasible; however feasibility study needs a thorough review. The recovery period considering tariff at 10 cents/unit is 6 years and 4 months.

125kWp ON-Grid Solar Plant at Wah Nobel Group Head Office

This project served as the pilot project for Nobel Energy Ltd and is powering the Head office of Wah Nobel Group of Companies. The Project has been functional since 2nd June 2014 with the help of our Principal Partner.

1MWp Solar Project in captive mode at Wah Nobel Chemicals Ltd 

The project will be undertaken in Captive Mode with the help of our Principal Partner and will power the Wah Nobel Chemical Plant at Wah Cantt. The project was inaugurated on 17th February 2015 and work is under way. It is the largest Solar Power Project in Captive Mode presently in Pakistan.

5MWp Sanjwal Solar Project in IPP mode at POF Sanjwal

The project will be undertaken in IPP mode and the technical and financial bids have already been received. After the award of the project to a bidder, Nobel Energy Pvt Ltd will move forward for its financial close.