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Nobel Energy Ltd. offers customized solar energy solutions to its customers which yield best to their energy needs.

On-Grid Solar PV Solution

A Grid Tied System is connected to the electrical utility company’s power grid. This means that when extra power is produced it can be fed back to the grid.

Energy Import/Export:

The system exports surplus energy to the grid & imports energy from the grid when demand exceeds the generated solar energy.


1.     Easy backup from grid power

2.     Eliminates need for expensive batteries & generator

3.     Reduces electricity bills


Off-Grid Solar PV Solution

It is an OFF Grid Solar Energy System & requires a storage medium of batteries as the grid is not available at all.

Which Batteries are used?

Specially designed deep-cycle batteries are used for solar applications. They are longer lasting than typical automotive batteries.


1.     Ideal for situations where grid is unavailable

2.     No electricity bills

3.     Self-sufficiency on a clean energy source

4.     No power outages



Hybrid Solar PV Solution

It is a combination of both On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar PV Solutions. The system is directly connected to the grid and also provides a battery backup in case of power failure from grid.


1.     Best suitable for Homes/Industries                        

2.     Reduction in electricity bills

3.     Reliable source during power outages